How Solar Energy Can Make the World Green

In the 21st century, one of the greatest challenge faced by the countries is the need to provide energy both sustainably and sufficiently, and with the world developing in leaps and bounds, the reservoirs of fossil fuels are decreasing faster than ever, also keeping in mind the environmental jeopardies that follow, the world is soon targeting for a far more environment friendly alternative, that’s renewable and sustainable, and that’s where the concept of Solar evergy comes.

can solar make the world green

What is the solar energy:

Solar energy is basically the energy harnessed from the sun by using solar panels, there are silicon atoms in the solar panels that convert the sunlight to electrical energy for household usage.

Solar energy and it’s benefits to the environment:

Solar energy can play in important role when it comes to producing energy and also fight climate change and global warming, there are a number of ways through which solar energy can help in making the world green and a better place for survival.

Solar energy do not pollute the environment in any way. In order to produce energy through fossil fuels, it needs to be burnt through the process of combustion which emits a large amount of Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, but when it comes to solar energy, it’s a completely different story, solar panels don’t emit any sort of greenhouse gas whatsoever, there is a small emission during the production, installation and transportation of the panels, but they are too minuscule to worry about.

One of the most important, yet least talked about benefits of solar panels is that they don’t pollute the water. Most traditional powerplants like coal or biomass plants, require a large amount of water for it’s vital cooling processes, thus not only polluting water but also draining out the vital water resources, but it’s a completely different story in case of solar panels, they don’t require any amount of water to fulfill it’s operations, thus preventing water pollution and saving water crisis

Solar energy is also the best source of renewable energy around, with most fossil fuels there require extraction, mining and transportation to be utilized for every production, also these expeditions can harm the land and soil of the region but solar energy is completely renewable. The sun is the source of abundant energy, and solar panels thrive by harnessing the energy from the sun. The sun does not have any chances of running out anytime soon, so it goes without saying that solar energy is the most renewable source of energy available for the planet.

Solar energy also reduces sound Pollution to a great extent, most of the power plants create a huge amount of noise during energy production, but solar panels are silent and they make no noise whatsoever, so they are the far more feasible process for urban areas.

Not only the environmental issues, but solar panels are more affordable and with a large amount of subsidies and discounts involved, it goes without saying that using solar panels instead of grid extensions is the best way of going green in the current world.