cities with a lot of solar panels

Cities With More Solar Panels Than Electricity

In the 21st century, one of the greatest challenge faced by the countries is the need to provide energy both sustainably and sufficiently, and with the world developing in leaps and bounds, the reservoirs of fossil fuels are decreasing faster than ever, also keeping in mind the environmental jeopardies that follow, the world is soon targeting for a renewable and sustainable source of energy, and that’s where the concept of Solar energy comes.

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cities with a lot of solar panels

The benefits of solar energy are many, one of it’s main benefits is that it’s affordable, it’s much cheaper than conventional fossil fuels and there are no costs involved other than installment and rohtined maintenance costs, thus a person can save a lot more by a one time investment, also it is very environment friendly, there are no harmful emissions involved thus it doesn’t leave a huge carbon footprint over the world. So many countries have taken steps to utilize the best of the suns abundant resources, and with proper planning, subsidies to the solar panel companies and also discounts to the users, many countries have created a success story. Currently there are a number of cities over the world, that utilize the best of the sun’s resources rather than relying on the conventional grid electricity. Ever since the Paris agreement, with countries taking an action plan to reduce climate change by 2% annually, many countries have set long term plans to utilize the best of the renewable energy sources available and they’re getting the profit now.

According to a research conducted by CDP, a global non profit organization working on the environment issues, among the 570 world’s cities they have resources on, over 100 of them are ¬†now getting at least 70% of their electricity from renewable sources such as hydro, geothermal, solar and wind. These include many big cities across the world including Auckland (New Zealand); Nairobi (Kenya); Oslo (Norway); Seattle (USA) and Vancouver (Canada), these cities have invested heavily in the development of renewable energy and this helped in cutting down the overall costs for people.

In the United Kingdom, a number of local governments and leaders have set up the UK100 action plan to use meet the demands of 100% of it’s energy by renewable sources in 80 cities and towns by 2050, these include the metropolis of Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow etc.

In the United States of America, solar power has taken a huge leap for the last couple of years, currently there’s ¬†around 27000 megawatts of solar electric capacity in the United States, making up a significant portion of the electricity used for household and commercial usage. But for 20 cities across the USA, it’s a success story, they make up for about 6% of USA’s solar electricity despite occupying barely .1% of the countries landmass. These cities have created the scope for producing a large chunk of their energy through solar power, and plan to reach 100% if solar energy in the near future

The 20 best solar powered countries in the USA are:

1.Los Angeles, CA: 215 MW installed, 55 watts per capita

2.San Diego, CA: 189 MW installed, 136 per capita

3.Phoenix, AZ: 147 MW installed, 96 watts per capita

4.Honolulu, HI: 146 MW installed, 96 watts per capita

5.San Jose, CA: 141 MW installed, 139 watts per capita

6.Indianapolis, IN: 124 MW installed, 146 watts per capita

7.San Antonio, TX: 108 MW installed, 75 watts per capita

8.New York, NY: 84 MW installed, 10 watts per capita

9.Albuquerque, NM: 64 MW installed, 114 watts per capita

10.Las Vegas, NV: 58 MW installed, 94 watts per capita

11.San Francisco, CA: 41 MW installed, 48 watts per capita

12.New Orleans, LA: 35 MW installed, 90 watts per capita

13.Austin, TX : 33 MW installed, 36 watts per capita

14.Sacramento, CA: 32 MW installed, 66 watts per capita

15.Riverside, CA: 38 MW installed, 88 watts per capita

16.Jacksonville, FL: 24 MW installed, 28 watts per capita

17.Newark, NJ: 21 MW installed, 75 watts per capita

18.Portland, OR: 19 MW installed, 31 watts per capita

19.Boston, MA: 15 MW installed, 23 watts per capita

20., DC: 14 MW installed, 20 watts per capita